Consumer Choice

A kerosene lamp is highly toxic, inadequate, and costly; yet 1 billion people can’t afford the cost to upgrade. With divi, payments for a solar lamp can be divided up just like buying kerosene.


Patent-pending pay-to-own technology provides a unique identifier, a finite amount of run-time between payments, and real-time visibility into the pay-off status of each financed product.

Measurable Impact

Distributors can automatically track business and usage metrics that have traditionally been impossible to gather, analyze and utilize to show impact from region to region.


Improving access at the lower reaches of the economic pyramid requires more than a great product, it requires partnership to overcome the age-old barriers of finance, distribution and awareness.

“We like diviLite and can say you must bring more light so I can see it change our life status.” – Mbindani Wonnah