Credit is essential for families working to improve their lives. divi’s pay-to-own system of credit makes access to technology—such as solar lighting—easy.  End-users purchase a divi-enabled device with a small down payment and divvy up the remainder in affordable installments until they own it—just six weeks later, in the case of the diviLite study lamp.

Each lamp contains a Bluetooth chip that allows it to communicate wirelessly with an Android smartphone running the divi mobile application. When a customer’s payment is received by the sales agent, the sales agent will record receipt of the payment using the mobile application. The mobile application will connect wirelessly to the customer’s lamp and extend its period of enablement by one week. Once a customer has made their final payment, the mobile application will wirelessly unlock the customer’s lamp—the lamp will now be enabled indefinitely.

The divi custom payment system provides turn-key distribution and financing to our partners in the field working to bring solar lighting and other life-enriching products to rural off-grid communities around the world. Building a sales force through established community networks like schools, women’s cooperatives and rural shopkeepers is made easy. The ability to customize the payment management system and collect vital business metrics allows everyone along the supply chain to measure impact. .