Introduced in January 2014, the diviLite, the first Pay As You Go Light in Africa, makes solar power available and accessible by incorporating the divi PayG system into a low cost student lamp.

For families accustomed to buying candles or kerosene for light,
diviLite is just as simple, but more cost effective and safer.

Children can study in a healthy environment.

Mothers can see what they are cooking.

Families can experience the financial freedom
to choose how they light their homes.

By divvying up the payments, diviLite brings solar lighting to families who:

  • have no access to electricity (or choose to be off-grid!)
  • don’t want to breathe pollution emitted by kerosene lamps =smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day
  • can’t afford the one-time cost of other solar lamps on the market
Features of the diviLite :

  • Allows families to save $50 on lighting costs every year
  • Gives off light that is 2x’s brighter than a kerosene light
  • Has a 5 year battery life and carries a one year warranty
  • Built with state of the art technology and design
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