diviLux is the Greenlight Planet Sun KingTM PRO2 powered by divi. This is the same divi PAYG system first introduced in the diviLite lamp. Now, for the first time ever, the Sun KingTM PRO2 is available for purchase with the Greenlight Planet easy buyTM that is powered by divi.

The lamp is 15 times brighter than a typical kerosene lamp and includes two USB ports for multiple phone charging.

The PRO2 enabled with divi includes three levels of light brightness, up to 36 hours of light on one day’s charge, LiFePo battery for 5 years of battery life, 3.3 Watt solar panel, and a stand.


return on investment

The diviLux replaces kerosene, candles and batteries and saves a family on average $65 a year for the life of the lamp.

cell phone charging

With twice as many cell phone subscribers as people on the grid, the diviLux charges a cell phone efficiently and inexpensively for people living off the grid.

carrying power

Imagine off-grid synchronization to allow sharing of lamp credits, enabling entrepreneurs in rural communities.