In addition to making technology affordable for a billion new people, the divi system also provides distributors tools to serve this vast and formerly unreachable market. Monitoring sales, inventory and warranty are an integral part of distributing divi products. divi provides distributors with: access to financing; secure asset management; embedded usage data; retrievable warranty information; and ultimately, happy customers. With divi’s efficient pay-to-own system, geographical barriers dissolve. Health and happiness rise. It’s all part of the diviWorld vision. 


divi breaks down the greatest barrier to accessing clean, renewable energy.


Lights can only be activated when a payment is made.

Big Data

Tracking usage, temperature variance and more is automatic on all divi products.


Distributors customize the sales terms and revise them as needed.


With real-time system reporting, sales can be monitored anywhere in the world.

Happy Customers

Bottom line: people want to buy solar lights; divi allows a purchase today.