diviLites in Somaliland

diviLites in Somaliland

Meet Sayid and team from Golis Solar, a divi distributor located in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Golis has installed over 300 solar systems across the Horn of Africa and is now expanding their offerings to include diviLite PAYGO solar lamps. With the GNI below $2 a day, people are motivated to save money with solar lights, but often cannot afford the upfront costs. The diviSystem allows agents working for Golis to sell entry level lamps incrementally in the same way people buy candles and kerosene. Customers can use the money saved toward a downpayment for a larger system. Sayid is excited about the release of the diviLux lamp later this year as phone charging capabilities are driving business in Somaliland, a common factor in most of the off-grid communities across Africa. We look forward to growing our businesses together!


For nearly 20 years, Joellen has been involved with development (over, under, and in between) in the role of NGO founder and director, ICTD practitioner, and activist. She began 2013 in Namibia on a l

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Partnering with Elephant Energy and USAID to Create Digital Kerosene

We are honored to be working again with our friends at Elephant Energy, a Colorado-based nonprofit, working in Northern Namibia. Congrats on the award